Square peg in a round hole

 The Past and its model for self-destruction When I was in college, we had mock interviews with local companies to prepare us for applying for work. That was all they did to prepare us for work I might add. We were asked to create a resume to present for it, well I was young and dumb, I'd never… Continue reading Square peg in a round hole


I got abducted by aliens on a Psychedelic Spaceship

It sounds like the beginning of a joke... A scouser a slam poet and an acrobat get in to a tiny white car... its no joke, but it was funny. We were driving the State Highway 1 Desert Road which is really, the only road that goes up the centre of New Zealand's North Island to the Coromandel.… Continue reading I got abducted by aliens on a Psychedelic Spaceship

I collect stories, not stuff

My life changed suddenly One normal afternoon my partner came home and left me. There was no build up, no fighting, just slow, invisible adjustments made over years that accumulated until we'd changed shape. Do you know when you see behind the scenes of a movie set? When the magic is explained to you and though not exactly lost, you see the tricks… Continue reading I collect stories, not stuff